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Dickson memorial fundraiser
Graham Public Relations said ‘The Vault Tap and Kitchen’, 301 N. Main Ave., Scranton, will be the setting for the first public fundraiser for the Cpl. Bryon K. Dickson II Memorial Fund from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. Saturday. A $10 donation at the door will include free pizza and wing bar, plus $1 from every drink sold on this day will be contributed to the fund, all proceeds will benefit and go directly to the ‘Cpl. Bryon K. Dickson II Memorial Fund’.
Patrons will also be able to buy ‘PSP Strong’ T-shirts at this event. The public may also donate gift baskets by contacting Michelle Romanaskas at 570-446-9290.  My sons and I will be present to present check of $1,000 on behalf of WB Taxpayers Association.
They couldn't be farther apart. I never met Chief Balavage, but I know that Kingston Twp aggressively pursued Leo Glodzik who head-butted one of its cops. WB Chiefs Dessoye and Hughes not only coddled Leo Glodzik - but helped expand LAG's criminal empire.

After my initial horrific LAG experience, I was pulled over in Kingston Township. I ended up writing a letter thanking the officers for their courtesy. They gave me faith that professionalism was not dead. There was discipline within their ranks. So Chief Balavage... I thank you for the "fruits" of your labor which is the comportment of your officers. Have a blessed retirement.

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The followingrepresents my opinions based on nearly 40 months of anti-corruption work....

Wilkes-Barre finds itself in a horrible predicament. Until Leighton is forced out of office, most of the appointed positions are being granted to his"CORRUPT FOOT SOLDIERS" regardless of their qualifications or honor. Who is being hired? Those who will "SHUT THEIR MOUTH FOR LEIGHTON." 

Acting WB Chief Bob Hughes should resign due to his selling of stolen LAG cars (stolen) on consignment at A1 Auto. I know that there are real victims because I tried to help many of them! We have a chief who was selling stolen cars people!! (What is stolen? I consider a car to be stolen if LAG Towing illegally price gouged (both initial plus storage fees) a customer which illegally led to LAG taking custody of the property. Since LAG price gouged nearly 100 % of his customers... nearly 100% of his cars would  be considered stolen).

Greg Barrouk as city manager is an absolute joke. He has a Psych degree and is being paid $91,000 as city manager. If you scroll down you can find calculations regarding what MLK Day would cost. It would not cost the city $77,000!  It would be less than $10,000... but we don't have anyone in city hall that knows finance (Kathy Kane, the Controller, was a former  1st grade teacher).

Sources/reactions for above material: King's students, WBPD, West side PD, WB firemen, bartenders, liquor store clerks. other law enforcement personnel, victims of crimes, local news reporters, local TV reporters, store owners, regular citizens. Almost all have sought me out through different forms of social media and/or communication. As far as chemical addiction goes... I still hold myself open to help heal those with this horrible disease where present and will grant anonymity unless it is illegal given the circumstances. I will not take pity on those who refuse to get help.

King's College:King's College: It tortures one'e logic and sense of decency that anyone would hire a security chief with a known alcohol disease, a history of corruption, open federal investigations, a suicide because of these investigations, and two WB cops indicted along with LAG Towing. Realistically, as I see it, there are only two possibilities. 

(1) Father Ryan is giving back a favor to Leighton/Dessoye or is anticipating a favor (special treatment).
(2) Leighton and/or Dessoye are forcing Father Ryan's because they "hold something over him." I would see this as a form of blackmail.

Nothing else makes sense.

If you read the news articles carefully about Dessoye's retirement, nearly all of the kind remarks were made about Dessoye prior to him becoming chief. I don't dispute that he was a good cop. However, it is my opninion that over time alcoholism degraded Dessoye of his abilities and likely led him into corruption. The fact that King's College would hire someone in this condition - when they were clearly warned - is beyond reprehensible. 

King's is putting at risk not just Dessoye, not just his family, but both the SAFETY AND THE REPUTATION of the King's community.

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