Tuesday, February 2, 2016





This woman he illegally hired has two kids in their Shavertown home with a new husband. The kids are delightful as is husband Larry and the mother treats my son well. But Tony George knows damn well where she lives.

This woman went on Facebook tantrums against me and anyone else opposed to Tony George. I guess we know why now. A job was on the line. Her sister was worse... a poor excuse for a woman with her filthy mouth. Everything was personal. Again, now we know why. What was most upsetting from was the use Joyce's "FBI brother" as a weapon over a political debate. I did not appreciate that (I still have the texts). To her credit she left this behind and my son remains great friends with her daughter who is a doll. She DID move past this. I try and remain as truthful as possible.

TONY GEORGE began to fall apart after I helped him beat George Brown. Without my blog he would have lost (to the haters... Tony told me so himself). It was tight. Shortly thereafter...

1) He hired George Brown's campaign Manager (strange to say the least).
2) He hired the "police rat" Charlotte Raup as another Campaign Manager. (And followed this by hiring "police rat" Marcell Lendacky as police chief... over a petition from the W-B police I am told.
3) He immediately began his "pay to play" dinners which went against an agreement between Frank Sorick and Tony George.

I got involved after these maneuvers and the following has occurred:

1) He claims he won't show up for Council meetings.
2) He his guzzling city gas in his city police cruiser.
3) He commits open fraud in this latest hire. You can't see it any other way. He was neighbors of Joyce years when they were younger.
4) He has lost respect of the police force (and the city).

My feeling is Joyce is capable but this is more about Tony George than her. It is probably a stupid rule... bur nevertheless he broke it.

Either way,,, if Tony George is not sanctioned for his lies and fraud then expect more of the same. When are officials HELD accountable to laws they break? It is very obvious he could care less about following rules or helping the city. He is here only to whore out the city for what he and his friends can get out of it. Despicable.

Wilkes-Barre... You voted for him. You deserve it. Morons. You had a clue when he Tony George (in a demented haze I hope) supported (at the debate) what Mark Civiarella had done. Again... morons. The Times Leader didn't help by skipping over this monstrous fact. 

I place Tony George at the level of a druggie. He is operating without a conscience.

IS HE BETTER THAN LEIGHTON? YES. Because Leighton and G Dessoye and Mike Dessoye (and Salavantis and others) were some of the goons behind one of the biggest auto theft scams in out state's history (LAG Towing - "CARS FOR CASH"). FBI... where the hell are you? Why do you take orders from Mike Dessoye? You look pathetic and weak. 

Wilkes-Barre is in a free fall.

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  1. The state wont recognize financial distress status cause mayor pissed away everything on family and friends..its nice they had millions to renovate courthouse! This city is a joke..id beg the fbi to come here.