Sunday, February 14, 2016

Letter to Senator Bill Nelson

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Mark Mills Robbins
BA Wake Forest Univ.
MBA Lehigh Univ. (4.0 GPA)
CFM Certified Financial Manager
CMA Certified Management Accountant

Former Business Model Analyst for IPO incubator
Former CFO; Harris Corp Semiconductor Power Division
Former HS teacher and 3 sport coach / University Assistant Professor

Address: 7801 North Federal Highway # 10 106   Boca Raton FL  33487
Ph (570) 592-3246
FB Group = HAT Humans Against Trafficking
FB name = Mark M Robbins

April 27, 2018


    I believe I have hit "political gold" with an issue I am supporting That I can share with you. I have become a leading anti sex trafficking activist in south Florida and am growing rapidly. I have over 2,000 members on my FB group called “HAT Humans Against Trafficking.”  My comprehensive blog is

    On my blog you can click "About me" to gain a better personal sense of me. I am very skilled at what I do. My blog has over 11 million views and I successfully exposed many corrupt activities in Pennsylvania that would have never seen the day of light if not for my blog. The same holds true in what I have unearthed in Florida in about 8 months. Note: The “WB” in “WBTruth” stands for Wilkes-Barre where I began. I can tell you that my findings have caught the notice of the Attorney General, the FBI, the BSO, and the Davie, FL police force. These entities are investigating, singularly and/or collectively, and I have an E mail confirmation indicating such.

   Politically I have determined that Spano cannot legitimately claim to be sincere in fighting sex trafficking. Who would free people and then put them back in bondage (with LGBT rights stripped)? Homeless youth are most at risk for being trafficked and 40 per cent of the homeless are LGBT. (For the record... I have asked Spano multiple times for his views on LGBT's and he won't respond). 

   I have undertaken training from the Florida Abolitionists and know the leadership. I told them that LGBT rights were not to be used as a bargaining chip so Spano (and others of the same ilk) can claim the high ground on this issue. I wrote Spano directly and told him I would do everything in my power to see he was not FL Atty General given his views. A few days later he dropped out of that race and chose to make a US Senate run. 

   If you read my blog you will see how I exposed a cult (Gratitude Training) to a point where they are on their last breath. I took on 8,000 members I also exposed what may be largest sex trafficking ring in U.S. history in terms of victims at a single location. My FB group is a "who's who" of south Florida. And there are hundreds who check my public FB group regularly who (like Judges) can't add their names to the group.  

   This cause is a "win win" both politically and for the cause of fighting sex trafficking. A nexus between my work and an inclusive campaign would create synergies to ignite. I have "11 letters" behind my name and am taken very seriously by those who know me and more importantly by what I have exposed. 

   Ultimately what is most important is that the rape of young girls (10, 20, even 30 times per day) be terminated as soon as possible. Former Senator Sachs said to me, “We have work to do together” to do but has been hard to pin down. Additionally, Lauren Book was involved this cause. I have tried to contact her. She seems to have dropped out of the cause altogether. The "goings on" in Tallahassee regarding Ms. Book were bizarre to say the least. She pulled her own bill and apparently placed it just before the deadline. The bill was bad to begin with. Holding an entire hotel industry hostage to any sex trafficking is punitive and "asked for a fight."

   My alternative plan is to certify and publicize those hotels that undergo sex trafficking training. Hotel chains, like Marriott who has trained their employees, could hold this a badge of honor and market it for a competitive edge. This good will that they experience would then want to be replicated by other chains. Conventions representing positive social causes would gladly patronize hotels that stand in accord with anti sex trafficking. Incentives. Not punishment. 

   I do have a plan ready to be presented and ready to go for the entire issue of sex trafficking. It is based on 2 simple principles: (1) Risk aversion (2) Demand and supply. I included a diagram. True confessions... cartoon characters increase readership. Therefore I tried to oblige. I van within an hour create a one-page bullet outline of what I convey in the diagram. 

   The current system is as broken as shattered glass. Insanity is illustrated in that people continue to think they will get different results by pushing harder in a system destined to fail. It is like an alcoholic trying to recover while spending his days at a tavern and wondering why it isn’t working. The rescue rate is 1 per cent. Conviction rate? Around one per cent (even lower). Arrest of "johns?" NEVER. Yet, in what I consider to be quixotic, awards continue to be given back and forth... almost like youth soccer participation trophies. Resume stuffers despite no results.

    My vast business background and education has given me the ability to create very effective business models. It was my expertise in this area that enabled me to pick apart the very clever model used by the sex traffickers at New Beginnings (in my blog). 

   Please, let's get moving on this. My attorney used against the cult called Gratitude Training, Samuel Lopez, has offered to place me under the umbrella of another non-profit so that becoming a bona fide non-profit can occur quickly.  

    I will make a guarantee. If this anti sex trafficking is put forth in a serious way... this issue will create the winning advantage in any very tight race. No one is for sex trafficking! The only thing that I need are wings with the right names in them. The rest I can run with. My only weakness is I haven't been in S Florida long enough (2 years) to network more deeply. 



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