Saturday, February 13, 2016


Approximately 20 folks met at the home of Tony Brooks to discuss plans for the Irem Temple. It was a very positive meeting and absolutely no shenanigans took place as my cynical mind thought it might given the corruption surrounding other landmark buildings.

Beth Gilbert of W-B City Council also attended. 

Ideas went back and forth as to what could be done with the building. One idea was to have a venue with no seats and people standing for concerts and such. I came away with a very positive feeling. The meeting pretty much concluded with a strong suggestion from Walt Mitchell that a non-profit be started.

It was disappointing that a meeting was held for a property that the Greater Wilkes-Chamber owned and they couldn't send a single  representative. Par for the course for the coffee swilling do-nothing Chamber. 

As mentioned, I noted sincerity among the participants. I did not perceive any hidden angles or agendas. The main concern I had was the use of the temple may poach on the activities of the Kirby or other businesses (say, for a wedding).


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