Tuesday, May 30, 2017


A SATIRE written for the new "graduates" (4 months) of Gratitude Training LLC (Lascivious Looting Connivers). I call it "Pink Cloud" Training. I guess we will know by how long the 'trauma bonding' lasts!

May the fairy dust enlighten you... may you share the promised abundance freely... may you wear you 65 cent dog tag proudly... May the Lollipop love enfold you. 
May Lollipop Love Enfold You

Step into your abundance.
Allow the bosom of the cult nourish you.

Reflections ... "You know, before the final retreat, people asked me, 'Are you for 86?' I thought it was some sort of secret code. Now I know exactly what they mean! Yes I am. An emphatic yes!!"  - Luna  Greenblatt Morningstar

May you experience the phenomenal success of all those before you... and may you rush to cradle those behind you. And then, perhaps, a scholarship fund can be created to end once and for all - the begging for tuition while standing on chairs and posing nude for scraps of food and money. 

A new reality. World Peace? Not likely. But perhaps a hope filled vision of decency, non-exploitation, and the "stretch" goal of basic human dignity. Car washes should be remain for little leagues and Browie troops.

Reflections... "Today I can see what gratitude means. I didn't abort my baby. My fetus authored it herself! My baby girl wrote the script. She is responsible. Not me or the guy that boned me the final weekend. I am so grateful that I can live free without a conscience!   - Dawn  Uvh  Werldpees

Secret weekend? Trust blindly. Release! Allow the remaining stains of sanity to be scrubbed - not merely washed - to "brain matter grey" as you are whisked away to the cult's finale - a super secret undisclosed location. New discoveries. Bet you never knew the Ritz had bunk beds!

Founder Jo Englesson known for her generosity

You represent the next layer of staff that "gets to" couch surf as adults and strive for fairy tale goals far more important than caring properly for your present day kids. 

This aint your daddy's couch surfing!
Not just for drugged out hippies.
Freeloading: GT's way of 'loving yourself'

You beam as you know, as the underbrush for world peace, you will be pressured to call every last contact in your I phone. You are the 2 per centers! The sad 2 per cent that actually believes this. I am the .0125 per center. Figure it out. Math has not expired as you became inspired.

Sisyphus never gave up? Why should you?
Your chance of success are the same!!

Be safe this weekend knowing that you are under the care of non licensed staff, a veritable pot pouri of unresolved issues, psychic damage, and perhaps a relapse or two. Sleep tight. Or you may leave room for something much larger than a bed bug carrying an STD!! Yea! More secrets. You do realize, don't you, that no one was sent home who raised their hands as molesters?  Hmmmm.... Namaste everyone.


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