Saturday, April 13, 2019

Highly Questionable Safe Houses

(A) Allegations are that victims have (1) been returned to traffickers from the Covenant House. (2) Victims have been rented back to pimps. These allegations come from VERY respected attorneys. 

(B) Nelson Bogren is Head of training and compliance in Fort Lauderdale. He is also Treasurer for BHTC. 

(C) New Beginnings (sex trafficking) has stated publicly that they run a safe house in Fort Lauderdale. There exists the Lippman Youth Center. This safe house purportedly "trades" and transports patients between the Covenant House which may result in "manufactured" revenue. 

(D) Covenant House has received scathing online reviews from patients. The Fort Lauderdale Covenant House is located right off of the "strip" in Fort Lauderdale. Florida statutes state that a safe house should be off of main roads where access to the victims would be more difficult. The Fort Lauderdale Covenant House intermingles its financials with the Orlando Covenant House making it impossible to evaluate Fort Lauderdale's numbers HERE

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