Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Absolutely stunning... considering

Congratulations to Eddie Day Pashinski

I hope Representative Pashinski will listen to the people who amazingly supported Betsy Summers.

Almost 33 % of the vote 
- A Libertarian
- Ran on zero dollars with only a blog behind her
- Against an 8 year incumbent

What we ask is simple enough for a third grader.

If you see something... say something... preferably publically
If you hear of something... report it

I as an unknown citizen have put a huge dent into corruption.
We expect far, far more from the pulpit of our state rep.

This goes for Sherman Hills, Leighton, kickbacks... everything
Expose corruption.
We will be loud. We will be vocal.

In the mean time I pray that God give you serenity and peace in your time of great loss. 

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