Tuesday, November 18, 2014


...yet this will be different than Byron Dickson. The next likely accident will take the life of a city officer. And it will have come with PLENTY OF WARNING!

See Times Leader article about gunfire incident at Wal Mart HERE

This is what helps push "black crime" up in the city. It is the people Leighton has allowed to fill up Sherman Hills in return for what I believe had to be kickbacks returned to him. 

Kickbacks are the only logical explanation to NOT inspect Sherman Hills. There is no other good reason not to. Period. Leighton may have saved the previous owner one million dollars. Yet he has no trouble inspecting "Strike 1" properties or those of his competitors in his real estate business. 

At some point there is likely going to be a horrible tragedy played out on WB police officer stemming from a fugitive who has nothing to lose. At that point there won't just be blood on Leighton's hands... but it will be dripping from his chin.

Alcoholism and running a city don't mix. Never has. Never will. Men of courage get well. Leighton is a coward… of the worst type. His cowardice and negligence put lives at risk.

Cartwright and Pashinski continue to sit with thumbs up their respective asses. No rush… it is only the death of a cop at stake. 

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