Wednesday, November 5, 2014


After seeing the first video below months ago... I reached out to Rick Morelli as I know that while going through a divorce that emotions run wild. Many of us have been there. I asked Rick Morelli to "chill out" in the mean time so as to not create more problems for himself. But it appears he has gone off again.

Video   (13 seconds)     Morelli accusing a woman publicly of adultery in front of her children (after Morelli had adultery with the same woman). 

Video 2  (23 seconds)  Morelli "brow beating" a resident at council meeting

Unless I am missing something, it appears that Morelli feels the need to retaliate whenever he is questioned.

1) He apparently stalked his old girlfriend in the first video and humilated her with her children present at a restaurant.

2) When harrassment charges were filed against him - he allegedly reciprocated by filing the same charges.

As part on county council business, he supported giving money to the magistrates despite him having two upcoming hearings. Kathy Dobash pointed out (correctly I believe) a potential conflict of interest.

3) So what does Morelli do? He files ethics charges against Dobash regarding e mails she sent months ago.

A) WHY NOW? He could have filed ethics charges months ago... but didn't
B) Dobash was doing what all public servants should be doing. She was doggedly in pursuit of the truth behind a fire and an endangered child. Two very important matters.
C) Read the article yourself and decide if Dobash should be brought in front of an ethics board for what she asked.

See Times Leader article  HERE

When I watched the videos I personally saw a narcissim that was disturbing. I suggest that Rick Morelli take a leave of absence while he gets himself together. In my opinion, he is not the best man for the job at this present time.

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