Wednesday, August 7, 2013

"Autopsy" of Trespassing fiasco

(See correction below regarding a statement I made)

Folks, it is imperative to understand how power was used as a weapon here. It could be you next! The gangsters aren't only in Sherman Hills... they are in city hall and the WBPD.

In front of a fair and impartial Judge today… the nonsensical charges of trespassing behind the police station were dismissed against me.

A few people have been critical of Stefanie Salavantis… but it appears she was caught on the run and gave the best statement she could under the circumstances.

Some Wilkes-Barre cops are awesome. They struggle because their honesty does not match the environment they work in. I have few good words for the people involved in this trespassing fiasco.

A Right to know indicates that I am the only one EVER to be cited for trespassing at the police station. The only one.

Gerard Dessoye: He could have dismissed my charges like he dismissed those of Terrie Morgan-Besecker and Joe Holden. But he didn’t. In fact, he only cited these reporters to give him (Dessoye) time to flee from them. Our “candy-ass” chief slipped out the back door to evade interviews regarding loaner/gift/bribe vehicles. I was only cited because I exposed this story.
          Majikes                  Dodge Ram
          Collins                   Mercedes Benz
          Crawford               name escapes me

Leighton and Dessoye use their badges and city attorneys and power to intimidate citizens who disagree with them. THIS IS CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR. Look at what they did to Thom Greco (July 15 post). Leighton sued a citizen (Denise Carey) for protesting the closing of a fire station. THEY TRULY ACT AS GANGSTERS. There are many more examples.

Officer Brian Gist: I would have more sympathy for him. But he lied in court. When cops lie in court that raises the threshold of corruption. Especially in front of the corrupt Marty Kane.

1)     He said that I got out of my car the night he cited me. False. All the pictures that night were from within my car.

2)     He said he had cited others for trespassing. False. The Right to know indicates I was the only one ever cited.

Correction: Previously I said Gist engaged in two fist fights. In actuality he almost got into two fistfights after the Marty Kane hearing. He "got in the face" of both me and Kobby. This occurred despite the fact that he won!

Marty Kane is about as least deserving of respect that you can get. Most people I talk to tells me he is a “drunk.” The same can be said for Leighton and G Dessoye. If Dessoye is still mixed up with Catherine Meehan… he is likely using prescription narcotics as well.

Marty Kane was seen out in public (at a bar) making out with someone not his wife (How old are you, Marty?). An attorney friend of mine read the transcripts of my hearing with Kane and  laughed out loud when he said (“you will need an attorney if I am going to honor your constitutional rights”).

Please consider the triad between G Dessoye, Leighton, and Marty Kane. Marty Kane is the pinch-hitter who never misses. The corruption is grotesque. Add to this Mike Dessoye (Head County detective) as his drunken brother’s protector and the picture is even more bleak.