Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Shout out to PSC (Petroleum Service Company)

Wilkes-Barre City Hall… when it comes to customer service… take a cue from PSC (Petroleum Service Company)   

SHOUT OUT       PSC Gas Station & Repair Shop in Forty Fort
The help I recently received from PSC represents the best experience I have ever had with an auto repair shop. My car had to go to the dealership (Motor world). They took care of everything! They had it towed and promised me a ride. Then… even better… they allowed me free use of a loaner car. I interfaced mostly with Mark and Joe at the shop. I honestly felt like I was treated as family. 

As it turns out Motorworld received all my cash… but PSC earned a customer for life.

Perhaps this type of service is what makes the Simms family (and Ricky Rose; husband of Virginia) so successful. PSC… Mountain Productions… Lewith and Freeman. I give my best to Ron, Rhea, Margie, Ginny, and Emma (and David Kluger).