Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mike Dessoye's responsibility?

MIKE DESSOYE, Head of Luzerne County Detectives:

ARE YOU PAID OVER $100,000 to:
1) Cover up for your brother's involvement with a heroin and pill dealer?
2) Could you have saved the life of the mom below had you acted... at all?
3) Please tell us your excuse for not acting while over one hundred 911 calls were made? There is none.

You are corrupted and you cannot work in good faith in this county. You and your brother must resign.
You two are stealing our money... $200,000 plus
You are stealing our faith. Your actions are a mockery of justice.

See the next blog for more details....

                                           Here is the question: What was the role of

                                                  WB Police Chief Gerard Dessoye

                                           in the death of 38 year old mom Jennifer Conniff?


                                                     I will splice in pictures related to Jennifer’s death
                                                to include her daughter and grandkids she never met.

                                                               I want to put “faces” to this death.


                                             Dessoye  not only failed to shut down a known drug house,
                                               but was meeting clandestinely with the “house mother”.
                                                      The “lady of the house” was Catherine Meehan.
                                 Besides being a heroin addict herself, she was selling heroin and narcotics.

                                                                   Free will vs one’s environment

                                    Jennifer Conniff is responsible for her choice to use heroin
                                     Dessoye is responsible for the place of purchase – the environment…
                                                                              the drug house itself.
                                                  Over one hundred 911 calls should have gotten his attention.
                                                          How was Dessoye being serviced by Catherine Meehan
                                                                                Drugs? Sex? Both? Neither?

                                                                              The Chief’s impairments not only
                                                                    compromise the people… but the police that
                                                                                    have to cover for his negligence.
                                                                       The citizens of Wilkes-Barre deserve better.

                                                                              The police need a chief they can trust
                                                                                                  Demand it!!