Saturday, August 10, 2013

Why Leighton's plan will fail

I would like to first give commendation to Officer Coffay and those he leads. They have done nice work in the past few weeks and have endangered themselves in the process. In the short term pulling heroin off the street may have saved some lives.

It is unfortunate that this was not the thinking of Chief Dessoye. His actions could have prevented the death of a 38 year old mother of three – Jennifer Conniff. Unfortunately Dessoye was only capable of thinking of himself as he protected a drug house on McLean Street.

It is important for an honorable officer to be courageous. And it is also in their interest if they work smart. Please read carefully what I have provided below.

1)     Supply and Demand    See analysis above. This plan is doomed to fail.
2)     Civil Liberties
-         Innocent tenants (including children) will be punished for the crime of another.
-         Decisions based on “opinions” of officers. This introduces specter of massive foul play.
-         Landlords may have no way of knowing of tenant’s activities. Yet they are punished.
-         In fact, civil liberty laws prevent a Landlord from encroachment.
3)     Conflict of interests
-         LEGAL    This flimsily written plan could be a boon to lawsuit activity. This will provide work for Leighton’s cousin Bill Vinsko as well as Rosen, Jenkins, and Greenwald. Remember… not a dime will come from Leighton’s pocket.
-         LEIGHTON AS LANDLORD    Boarding up competitor’s properties will increase both the price and supply of tenants for Leighton. He will benefit financially.
4)     Playing favorites    We already have a case study of how the Chief of police protected a drug house because he had an interest in the “heroin honey.” The Landlord yelled and cried to have this drug house shut down and nothing was done. How can we possibly expect that things are different?
5)     Personal conflicts of interests    What is perhaps the most bitter of ironies is that Magisstrate Marty Kane, Police Chief Gerard Dessoye, and Mayor Thomas Leighton are all Class A alcoholics and/or drug addicts. The citizens deserve at a minimum to have sober and clean persons to execute and administrate a plan on drug policy. We have no idea if these individuals are already being serviced by drug houses or not. Until they can PROVE that they are clean and sober – not only should they not be part of this process… but they should not be serving the public AT ALL.
6) DANGER TO THE POLICE    Throwing people from their homes unlawfully is one of the most dangerous actions i can think of.