Thursday, August 8, 2013

Did the alcohol do the talking on this one?

I read the Times Leader’s article regarding punishing landlord’s due to their tenant’s drug activity.

The irony of this situation hit me immediately. It would seem that the first order of business would be to assure the citizens that the Mayor, the police chief, and even Magistrate Marty Kane are all sober. You would start at the top, right? From every account (and there have been many)… Wilkes-Barre is being run by chemically impaired people.

The plan to go after landlords is so unprovable, so legally flimsy... that I can’t believe it is being taken seriously. Is this simply a racket to generate lawsuits so Leighton’s crony attorneys can enrich themselves? This makes about as much sense as does the plan put forth.

The best assurance that you, Tom Leighton, can give the city is the knowledge that you are sober and have been for a significant time. The situation is perilous. If you folks were an actual business you'd be broke. You'd realize that theft comes out of your own pockets and not the city's coffers. 

All I have ever asked is that you get an evaluation. But you won’t do it. This raises red flags. You can’t blame anybody but yourself. Having cops give you rides home is not “social drinking.” Not for someone in their 50’s. “Bar crawls” for charity? Is that something your wife set up? Opening bar after bar... is this considered economic development? Fundraising for the Osterhout? More booze. Do you see a pattern here? Your development has been arrested at the frat boy stage.
Here is a listing of AA meetings:

The picture in the Times Leader has you standing in front of flags in a stellar looking suit. But pomp and circumstance does not cover the soul sickness you hide. Inside you are dying and have too much pride to admit it. You are not alone.

I can't see why anybody would have any compelling reason to listen to you or Dessoye or Kane. An alcoholic's thinking is impaired even if he doesn't realize it. This new plan has so many holes in it that it sounds as though it was written on a bar napkin.

Again, I ask that the three of you have a drug evaluation. Nick Colangelo from Clear Brook would be your guy. You need to do this so we can earn your trust. Your refusal is only validates the claims people make of you. You are the "Mayor Barry" of Wilkes-Barre. 

The worst track record possible
Allow me to remind you what happened recently when a landlord tried to push out a drug dealer. Brenda Meehan tried everything to clean up her side of the “double.” She filed so many reports and 911 calls it is dizzying.

But nothing happened. Why?

Because Chief Gerard Dessoye was being serviced “Hat trick” style (any combo of sex/narcotics/heroin) by his “heroin honey.”

How do we know that Dessoye doesn’t have a new house he is getting possible drugs from?

Civil liberties    You are asking landlords to enter the world of their tenants and to figure out what their will and intent is. They are not drug counselors and evaluators – they are landlords. Plus they have limited access to the tenants. An example here would be staging a surprise visit rather than giving proper notice. This is illegal.

Innocent Children    Are you going to toss babies and small children on to the street because of the crime of an adult? This person might not be related to the children. This new policy is both crazy and inhumane.

Good tenants    The market bears what it bears. You are not going to find “good tenants” who choose to live in crime ridden neighborhoods. This isn’t like renting at Newberry Estates. People pay what they can afford. Landlords must accept this or earn no income.

Profiling    Everything about this plan points to racial profiling which is illegal. You cannot force landlords to engage in this highly illegal practice. The “code word” here is “good tenants.” But we know what it means.

Legal?    “The mayor said it has been thoroughly researched to make sure it is legal.” This is a lie. This plan completely destroys the Constitution.

Must know?    The plan says the landlord must know of drug activity. So this means if they don't know it it is OK?  ... and please tell me how you prove that someone knows something?

Sherman Hills?    Are they included?

Selective Enforcement?    If a house happens to be one of Leighton’s… who actually thinks it will be shut down? No one. But what if it is Frank Sorick’s or Betsy Summers?

The last thing these idiots at city hall need is more power!
Don't give it to them!