Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"One Strike" whiffs

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A review of the master plan to fight drugs  ("One strike"):
    1) This plan to fight drugs originated from the mind of a drug addict (alcohol is a drug)
    2) It will be administered by a police chief - also a drug addict - who in the past has  
        protected a  drug house where he protected his "heroin honey"
     3) It will be adjudicated by a Magistrate who is also a drug addict.


The SUPPLY (the sellers) - Throwing them to the street will do nothing. Like cagy sewer rats... they will find their way. Throw one in jail... another one is right behind him. Shrinking supply raises prices and attracts more sellers. You can't win.

The DEMAND (the users) - Unchanged. Herein lies the major problem. Have you ever considered the people that the Salvation Army (Klemor house etc.) brings to the area?
Residents of the Salvation Army are there because they ran out of everything (usually from Philly). They are brought to W-B so they are away from their gangs and connections. 

Hardly anybody makes it through a full year successfully. Those that don't make it get thrown to the streets - Wilkes-Barre's streets. Hundreds upon hundreds of the meanest addicts from Philly. They are penniless and heavily addicted. If you remove the demand - then you won't have sellers coming from out of town. They should be located in a very rural setting.

You also get rid of demand by thoroughly educating our youth.

If there is no demand - there can't be a supply. The "one strike" policy truly represents insanity (doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results). This is more of the same failed drug war of the last 40 years.

And you are putting police in peril for a plan that won't work.