Sunday, August 25, 2013

Where is our 24/7 Mayor?

One has to wonder... why no appearance from our "24/7 Mayor" or our police chief Gerard Dessoye after one of the city's most horrendous incidents in years.

A written statement from the Mayor? Are you kidding me!

Again... the same questions surface:
Were Leighton/Dessoye too inebriated to actually speak to the press?
Does the city have not one, but two spokesman, to insulate these two when they are tanked? Is this the real purpose of these spokespeople?

Leighton did not speak.
Dessoye did not speak.

Only Spokesperson Lisa Prokop spoke: Liza Prokop said, "Officials will not speculate on specific details of the incident while it is under investigation at this time."

Salaries plus benefits of these four alone would be approximately be $400,000. (When I worked in Corporate finance... benefits were typically 50 % of salary).

What value do these four actually produce?
More succinctly, how much harm do they incur?

They represent a complete waste of tax dollars. We get absolutely nothing in return. Chief Gerard Dessoye has become the big elephant in the room that police must work around and evade.