Monday, August 12, 2013

We ask you be evaluated for drugs and alcohol

Many citizens are extremely and increasingly worried about:
-         Mayor Leighton
-         Gerard Dessoye
-         Magistrate Marty Kane

The reason people are uncomfortable is that the three people above are widely known to be alcoholics and/or substance abusers. There is evidence to suggest that there are major issues. “Social drinkers” do not drink in the way that you (the three of you) do. You should not be deciding anything let alone drug and alcohol policies.

I ask the three people named above to have a bona fide drug and alcohol evaluation at a respected rehab facility such as Clear Brook Inc. Dr. Nick Colangelo may have the best mind in the area regarding these issues.

This is truly a WIN/WIN.

If you need treatment then you could start the healing process for your families and the city you serve. Your new life can begin. A Win.

If you are deemed to not have a problem… then you will have given the people the assurance they crave. A win.

On a personal level I have voluntarily taken polygraph tests and drug tests when my integrity was at stake. It’s a “snap” when you are living honestly and cleanly.

Either you will and tell us publicly, or…

You won’t and will likely say nothing. Ignoring this simple request will be taken as a “no.”

I ask of you (the three of you) the same thing that is asked in almost every profession across the country. You certainly are not alone.

In speaking to the people, it is unanimously accepted that the sobriety standards for a Mayor, Chief, and Magistrate should be at least as high as those who work at a turkey Hill, a Best Buy, or even a call center.

I promise you one thing – this issue will NOT GO AWAY until it is resolved. It will only gain steam. It is a basic right of the people to know that their leaders are not stoned.