Sunday, August 25, 2013

Record setting weekend

Thank you readers. Thank you for trusting me to give you the truth on critical issues. My blog had 3,231 views this weekend. 32,000 hits since I started this summer.

My accuracy and integrity record is as close to 100 % as you can get.

How do I know this? Because between my older web site ( and this blog - I have yet to have a single refutation or challenge or denial of the facts I put forth. Not one.

Yes... this includes the addictions of Leighton, G Dessoye, and Marty Kane. Not one person has come to their defense! Between the two sites... approximately 5,000 views have gone uncontested. SO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GETTING FROM ME IS THE GOSPEL TRUTH! Nobody can produce a bona fide message contesting one of my posts because there are none.

I believe news and opinion blogs like mine (and others) are the future. Why?
1) We are nimble and small and can get news out fast.
2) Blogs like mine (and Frank Sorick's) don't have to play "Switzerland." Unlike newspapers, I don't ever need to "water down" a story so as to not chase away someone like Leighton. It doesn't matter if I ever talk to him. I can print the truth and let it be. I respectfully submit the newspapers cannot be as bold as me.
3) Any temporary errors can be immediately fixed. Print media doesn't have this luxury. 
4) We are beholden to nobody!

I encourage you to visit other smaller and trusted sites: Wake-Up Wilkes-Barre, The W-B Independent Gazette, and Pure Bunkum.
Please continue to support the Times Leader and the Citizen's Voice and take advantage of their experienced writers, editors, and access to research. 

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No ass kissing here. I am beholden to nobody.    
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