Saturday, August 24, 2013

Source of kids being shot? Chronic Boozing and Using


Please, for the sake of the city, step aside.

The Harvard trained business management guru Peter Drucker once said that profits are the summation of the many, many decisions a business makes. It is the sum of the net marginal benefits.

Losses are calculated the same way. The negligence, corruption, and alcoholism/addictions of Leighton and Dessoye have provided the “net loss” of what we are seeing now. The shootings. The plight. The poverty. No speech or “new plan” will make a difference now.

Remember the video of drunken Russian President Boris Yeltzin dancing on stage like an idiot? Well guess what? This is how we see you Mr. “Downtown Tommy” and you Gerard Dessoye, protector of your “heroin honey” drug pusher.


 You have been “boozing and using” while the city falls apart. You will not get drug/alcohol evaluations so we are can only surmise that your addictions have control of your lives. Clearing your name would be oh so easy if in fact you weren’t addicted.

You have thumbed your nose at the people in countless ways…

~ Protecting drug houses

~ Facilitating “Cars for Cash”

~ Taking bribes

~ Protecting those who took bribes

~ Imposing retribution against many adversaries

~ Stealing gas

~ Hiding one million dollars

~ Thumbing your nose at “Crime Watch”

~ And tell me - who the hell supports a charity through a “bar crawl?” This perhaps indicates most where Leighton is at emotionally. He is a spoiled brat frat boy that never grew up. He may look 52. He is really 18.

LIKELY OUTCOME:    What will likely happen is “one of your own” will be killed. A cop. Then action will be taken. But what is interesting is that the kids that were shot are not considered “one of their own.” These kids are part of “them.” In the minds of officials they may count for perhaps a ½ a person.

 There are so many questions. One question I would like answered is:

“Mike Dessoye, you are paid $110,000 as the Head Luzerne County Detectives. I believe you know all the details of the issues raised here. Especially when it come to your brother… What steps have you taken yourself to eradicate the runaway corruption? Or, if constrained, who have you implored to act in your behalf?

If you have done nothing can you please explain why you shouldn’t be fired for gross negligence and also as serving as a corrupted party?