Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sign Petition for Gas Gate

  1. PETITION    Please add your name to the petition requesting that the Luzerne County District Attorney (Stefanie Salavantis) file charges against those who stole gas at the DPW pump in Wilkes-Barre (Gas Gate). 18,000 gallons are missing... enough to circle the earth in a car 22 times!

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    Sample petitions thus far: People are not bashful

    #37Kevin DoughertyAug 4, 2013Wilkes Barre, PA
    Several hundred thousand dollars of gas was discovered missing from the Wilkes-Barre city tanks over a year ago. The mayor and others have admitted to using gas for personal vehicles. The Luzerne County District Attorney, Stephanie Salavantis recently told the press that this is not high on her list of priorities.
    #36Doug StrawAug 4, 2013Kingston, PA
    If the DA does nothing civil disobedience must be considered.
    #35Cyndi WilliamsAug 4, 2013Wilkes-Barre, PA
    This is so embarrassing to our city. Stefanie - bring to an end!
    #34Carrie WoodAug 4, 2013Dallas, PA
    This has become a black eye and the billboard will likely cause national attention. DA - DO UR JOB
    #33Dorene SchutzAug 4, 2013Wilkes-Barre, PA
    #32MaryAnn PopkyAug 4, 2013Wyoming, PA
    Ms Salavantis - you must send a message. Otherwise your credibility will melt to nothing.
    #31Jason whittmanAug 4, 2013Wilkes Barre, PA
    enough is enough
    #30Fred SwansonAug 4, 2013Forty Fort, PA
    Leighton and others cannot get away with this. Thank you for starting the petition.
    #29Mike PodcasyAug 4, 2013Parsons, PA
    It looks more and more like Salavantis is being sucked into the corruption vacuum. So sad
    #28Mike KinneyAug 4, 2013Hanover Township, PA
    The longer this goes on... the more of an embarrassment it becomes for our whole area.

    Petition to be forwarded to
        - Luzerne Count DA Stefanie Salvantis
        - The Pa State Jouse
        - The Pa State Senate
        - Attorney General Kathleen Kane
        - US Attorney Peter J Smith
        - Governor Tom Corbett