Monday, August 26, 2013

One incident report changed local history

First, WB Officer Joe Sereyka, thank you for trying to save the lives of the little girls on Saturday.  Thanks to others who were on the scene as well.

Captain Joe Coffay and Phil Myers and others… excellent work with new web site. This is a great first step towards open books and transparency. Next step? How about (the city) scanning the Falzone’s Towing contract and making it available on line.

Talk about irony… I see you (WB police) are posting incident (or event) reports on your facebook page.

LAG lot filled to capacity

 Glodzik next to car he stole from Senta Boyer

The ONLY REASON I “stood my ground” on 06/01/11 at LAG Towing was to obtain an incident report. I simply wanted to document damage to my car.

 Kenneth Jones in car, his partner, Dana Cope, and college student. William Harden arrived later to scream at me.

If given a report… I would have been on my way and the Cars for Cash would be humming along at industrial strength speed. Now… hopefully people will spend time in prison.

As it was… I left that day knowing there was some very important work to be done. I was right.

 Resident is ripped off for $400

 My choice to fight injustice has had results far greater than I could have imagined. One Person. One Day. One Decision.