Saturday, August 10, 2013

"One strike plan" will strike down a cop

In regards to the "One Strike" idiocy put forth by Leighton, the ACLU weighs in on the Times Leader. See

Council must vote this measure down. It clearly represents a danger to those who have to enforce the law. You see, in Leighton’s alcohol soaked mind – he is not capable of truly caring about others. This is his “dog and pony” show and he wants false credit.

People aren’t dumb about their civil rights. They know when they are screwed. This measure tramples civil rights left and right. This measure will increase violence – not lessen it.

Removing people from their residents – unfairly - is extremely dangerous… especially if the residents know they are being wronged. Protecting our kids and protecting our homes are two of our most sacred “rights.”

I predict at least one police casualty as a result of this ill written, unconstitutional, tyrannical measure.

It’s all about Tommy. Nothing has changed.

The actual ordinance says…
“An owner has implied or actual knowledge of drug activity…”  “Said knowledge may be imputed to the owner based on police knowledge and experience of drug activity on the property.”

Well isn’t this a feel good? An officer, say Majikes, Crawford, or Collins, who have already accepted bribes and were given a free pass by Leighton/Dessoye… get to be judge and jury for the property owner?

Can’t you see this turning into a disaster?

The actual ordinance says…  “Severability… If it is determined by a proper legal authority that any section or part thereof is unconstitutional or otherwise invalid, the remaining sections and parts thereof shall remain in full force and effect.”

This indicates to me that the legal geniuses in city hall know that it will be struck down.

This truly is a “dog and pony” show. And the press fell for it.

Ralph Edmunds said on the TL site:

Of course! Leighton's announcement was just a dog and pony show. This ordinance would never pass a "due process" test. An ordinance like this has to be written by attorneys much smarter than Leighton's crew. And of course, nobody in City Hall is smart enough to contact someone in NYC or other places that have tough enforceable ordinances. This ordinance - Not going to happen.