Friday, August 16, 2013

Bribes, Bribes, & more Bribes

Bribes, Bribes, & more Bribes

We know that:
-  LAG gave the police champagne bribes
-  LAG gave loaner/bribe cars to more than the 3 cops already named (per Glodzik’s own statement to the paper)
-  LAG was in the habit of “splitting the booty” found inside cars (hence him taking the undercover bait and stating “he does this with other cops”)
-   Cops routinely took in $50 per tow

To remind yourself how greedy Leo was… please take a look at a sampling of receipts.
The average was $621 (not counting the $3,200 he tried to charge Senta Boyer)

The question is… how is it possible that this could go on for 8 years and anyone not know?

City attorneys?  Council members?  County detectives?  City hall officials?  

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