Saturday, June 29, 2013

A cry for help?

A “You can’t touch me” thumb of the nose?

A symptom of alcoholism… “It seemed like a good idea at the time!”

I waffled on whether to make this post.

But it occurred to me that the character of a public official does not have an “on again/off again” switch like a light. Elected officials should not act in such an embarrassing way that it reflects negatively on all of their peers. The judgments a Magistrate makes outside of work influence their judgments made while court is in session. This is clearly a public issue.


Marty Kane made this a public issue. Not me. He chose to act the way he did. Nobody s looked into his home or office. Privacy rights to include privacy of one’s family should be honored.


Three sources confirm that Marty Kane was at a restaurant/bar in Luzerne County this weekend. Marty Kane was sitting at a bar in full open view. A man witnessed Marty Kane “making out” (considerably) with someone in very “short shorts.” It was not apparent to onlookers whether this was a very large woman or perhaps a transvestite since Kane’s companion had male features. But this is not the real issue anyway. His behavior had one onlooker say “this is disgusting.” .


Marty Kane needs help. Others know he needs help. I truly hope he gets it. If so, he won’t have to read about his public exploits any more. It’s up to him. He needs to listen to people who truly care about him and aren’t afraid to tell him the truth.


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