Sunday, June 23, 2013



What I wrote early on still holds true today.

Stealing cars from the impoverished, the vulnerable, and the defenseless must be stopped.

The perpetrators, the police protection, and the bribes must be exposed.

The reign of terror on the poor has lasted (now) eight years.

It begins with Mayor Thomas Leighton.

The dirty cops are “his” cops

Please be sure to see (below) the polygraph test that I felt compelled

to take in the face of police corruption.

Please know that if any of these events had turned out differently, Glodzik would still be the city’s predatory towing contractor. His dishonesty and the cops’ insane belligerence set the stage for this investigation. If the police had been remotely professional and polite, I would have left quietly for good.

I was towed on June 1, 2011. I was told that I was towed because my registration was expired. This would make sense except for the fact that I drove off LAG’s lot (in front of 4 cops) with the same expired sticker. I kid you not. I was also obstructing a crosswalk.

Either way… I accepted it. I walked to LAG’s lot and gasped when he said the tow fee was $200 (about 1.5 mile tow). But I didn’t complain. It was all friendly. It took Glodzik about a minute before he entered the “dark side.” He concocted a lie that I could tell AAA to get my $200 back. A complete fib. He told me, “If I have trouble – have AAA call him.”

So I could have been “in with Flynn” had I taken the offer. I would be have been his new “corruption buddy.” But I chose to just pay the $200 myself.

The problems began when I drove the car off the lot. My car’s squeal was ear piercing. Glodzik had bent the tie rod. I heard that Glodzik routinely tows cars in a sloppy fashion. If he (along with a cop) senses somebody may be parked for a short time – Glodzik will hook up the car “half-assed and fast” and tow the car around the block.

This investigation would not have happened had Glodzik, like a man, admitted he damaged my car and offered to rectify it. How hard would that be? Instead he drove off saying “take it to civil court.” This refrain of “it’s a civil matter” is a nefarious phrase used to quell residents to protect Glodzik. It is the cops’ “pet phrase” to protect Glodzik and a way to never point a criminal finger at Glodzik. It is part of wholesale corruption.

I have never heard of a city not issuing an “event” or “incident” report. I wanted one to take to court to document (what I claimed) happened that day. THE POLICE WOULD NOT GIVE ME ONE. I was persistent in my attempts to get one.

One thing I realized too was how Glodzik intercepts 911 calls made against him and has conversations with the cop on the other end. I called the police several times. In order of physical appearance at LAG, here are the cops that showed:

KENNETH JONES (now suspended for assault related allegations): He pulled up with a partner in Cruiser 543. Jones got out of the car and said, “I have to use the bathroom.” He went inside LAG’s office and locked the door from the inside. HE NEVER TALKED TO ME. He came outside and said, “You are just mad your car got towed.” When I followed through on asking for an incident/event report, he shouted at me, “You disgust me. Get away from me. I don’t even want to look at you.”

KENNETH JONES’ PARTNER was sitting in the cruiser while Jones went inside. I went to talk to him and he would not acknowledge me. I tapped on his window. He would not roll down his window and he kept staring ahead. It was bizarre. My hunch is that he knew how LAG worked and wanted no part of LAG or his victims. Can you imagine the morale within the police force with this type of nonsense?

DANA COPE    When Cope showed up I drove my car past him so he could hear the squealing. He yelled at me, “I don’t give a fuck about your car.” He showed up with a female “police ride-along.” See picture. I cannot imagine a worse “training session.” I have since learned that Dana (and/or family) has accepted tows (or a tow) from Glodzik. Based on Cope’s biased behavior, any “gifts” he has received (including champagne) are in my opinion bribes. Plain and Simple. Like Kenneth Jones, COPE NEVER TALKED TO ME despite me making the calls to police.

BILL HARDEN    Have you ever been in front of someone who is so angry that they reach a level where they are capable of anything? He was like the gargoyle at the gate. I really thought he was going to punch me. Or perhaps take me to jail for some “trumped up” charge with his three lackeys as witnesses. It was me who suffered $780 in damage and I was being treated like the perpetrator. I wish I had him on tape. His explosive temper would have had him minimally suspended. HARDEN NEVER ASKED ME FOR MY SIDE OF THE STORY EITHER.

THE NEXT DAY (June 2)     I went to the police station to find out the identities of the cops that were at LAG. Do you know that Kenneth Jones said? He said that only he and Sergeant Harden were there. Recall… there were 5 people there (including the college ride-along) and he claimed there were only two!

This is when I knew I had to take a polygraph test if I wanted to make a dent in the corruption before me. My first thoughts were of all the poor people who couldn’t afford the fees. Perhaps it is my business background that mapped it all out, but I saw evidence of a car theft ring of massive proportions. Nearly everything I envisioned has come to pass.

The polygraph test cost me $650. I passed with an average certainty rating of 99.2 % on the following four questions.

A) When you called Wilkes-Barre 911 on June 1st, did you report Leo Glodzik's threatening behavior?



B) On June 1, did a Wilkes-Barre police officer (Dana Cope) say to you "l don't give a fuck about your car”?



C) On June 1st, when Wilkes-Barre police arrived on the scene after you called them, did officers speak to Leo Glodzik first before speaking with you? (3 separate instances... Leo Glodzik gets "extra special attention" from police... even in the face of a 911 call made against him.) Do you normally speak to the aggressor first in a 911 call?… and then next to the person who made the call? THREE TIMES OVER? Do you consider this normal police work?



D) On June 1, did Leo Glodzik suggest that you lie to AAA by telling them your car had overheated? (This was part of Leo’s “fraud proposition” to me where he advised me to lie to AAA to get the $200 back... see Section IV on web site)



  1. Unreal. It's the scum like that, that truly give all cops a bad name.

  2. Good job on telling the story. Hopefully you now carry a pocket camcorder at all times. Though I wouldn't be surprised if they try to say that it's illegal to video a public employee (cop) in public doing his public duties.