Sunday, June 30, 2013

Senta Boyer - just one victim saved

Senta Boyer (below) was one of the few LAG victims to be made “whole” through the help of a private citizen who purchased her a “new” used car. Money for tags, registration, and a few months insurance were thrown in so Senta Boyer could (financially) get her head above water. She had been walking from the Heights to the Mall in January to get to work (since LAG held her car).

Attempts were made to pay off the insane and unfair fees at LAG Towing. I believe it was around $3,200.

But Glodzik would not show the car. Only a fool would offer cash for something that couldn’t be seen. Glodzik refused a credit card (by law he must accept). He refused a check.

It was surmised that the car was off the lot somewhere. Perhaps being sold. One thing we know for sure. Glodzik likes money. He would have taken $3,200 in a nanosecond if the car was physically there.

Senta Boyer and I called the police. Recall… Glodzik intercepts these calls so he speaks to the police before the “victim” ever does. WB police Officer Olshefski answered. He had the audacity to say: “It is no illegal to not show a car.”

Gee… do you think such an asinine response indicates complicity between the police and LAG? Do you sense that LAG was a tiny bit protected (sarcasm)?

What happened next was a “new” used car was purchased for Senta Boyer (in Hazleton). A week later, as if to goad Senta Boyer, Leo Glodzik retrieved her car and showed it to the press like nothing ever happened.

Seen clearly, what Glodzik was doing was he was showing off was the car he stole from Senta Boyer. Remember - he was offered full value for it (to include his insane fees) and he refused payment for it.
Below: Car that rightfully belongs to Senta Boyer since she was never given proper notice from WBPD in addition to being illegally price gouged by LAG. Picture courtesy of Citizen's Voice.

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