Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Catherine Meehan's "rap sheet"

Consider the protection offered to Catherine Meehan (1st three items researched by Andrew Staub (reporter for Citizens Voice Newspaper) and confirmed/expanded upon by Brenda Meehan)

- She has been convicted of Possession of firearm and attempted armed robbery (Restaurant at 5th Ave and 76th Street in Brooklyn)

- She has been convicted of anther felony for attempted murder in NYC. Brenda Meehan explained to me that Catherine stabbed a woman and killed the fetus. This happened before the time in which fetuses have the rights they do now).


- Catherine spent 2 years at Bedford Hills (a New York state Penitentiary)

- Catherine has had seven arrests in the last two years (from 2011; source: W-B City Hall spokesman Drew McLaughlin)

- Catherine was put on 6 months probation. She has violated this probation and was given 6 more months. No jail time. She was given this soft treatment despite being a two-time felon and having 7 arrests.

- In 2011, she falsely reported her car being stolen

- A woman died after buying heroin from Catherine’s house


- Police reports, 911 and phone records indicate over one hundred 911 calls were made concerning the house

- In 2011 alone there were 35 emergency calls

- Brenda Meehan saved her sister Catherines life by taking her to the hospital after an overdose on heroin on April 21. Catherine was unresponsive.

- Three of 12 police incident reports indicate drug activity

- One incident report specifically mentions Catherine selling prescription narcotics.

- The last contact Catherine had with her sister (Brenda) was in November/December 2011 at 5:30 AM when she woke up Brenda by shouting "I am going to burn your F'n house down."


First in a multi-part series


Questions for Chief Gerard Dessoye.


1)     Why was Dessoye, a married man, having private trysts with his old girlfriend (Catherine Meehan)? Is he still meeting with her as a source for drugs?

2)     Was he meeting with her for intimacy? For prescription narcotics? Both?

3)     Why were approximately one hundred 911 calls (regarding 522 McLean St) ignored?

4)     Why did Dessoye give cash to Catherine Meehan (source: Catherine Meehan herself)?


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