Friday, June 28, 2013

Car theft charges filed

Car thieves… Welcome to Wilkes-Barre.
“I believe”… you won’t get caught

Does anybody remotely care anymore?

Remember 82 year old Natlie Aleo?
The WB police and LAG never told her that her stolen car was recovered.
Then LAG tried to bilk her out of $2,000.
Then her car was left at her home like a crinkled soda can. See below (courtesy Times Leader)

Apparently in Wilkes-Barre there are no laws against destroying property.
I wonder if Dessoye and Leighton would respond the same way if hooligans threw bricks through their windows.
What follows is yet another horror story in the making.

City Council President William Barrett: Refuses to answer any of my E mails
City Councilman Mike Merritt: This woman lives in his district. He too refuses to answer any of my E mails.


To the attn.:                                    
Scranton FBI                                                            
Pa State Police Troop P                                                      
Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office
Peter J Smith of the US Dept of Justice                           
Governor Corbett                                                    
Attorney General Kathleen Kane
State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan                       
Other representatives/officials who have an interest in the welfare of Luzerne County residents

Plaintiff: (Name withheld here; 35-ish African American working mom)
Defendants: LAG Towing, WB officer Tino Ninotti; WBPD

Charges: Theft and Conspiracy
§ 3921, § 3922, § 3934, § 901, § 902, § 903, § 911

Re: Stolen car from city resident by LAG/ police

To whom it may concern:

I am sending this complaint broadly as it serves as a “living and breathing” example of how so many citizens have lost their vehicles to LAG Towing.  We need “eyeballs” on these concerns. Lots of them.

Common elements with this complaint and others:
-         Conspiracy between WB police (Tino Ninotti) working conspiratorially with LAG to steal a vehicle.
-         Failure of the WB police to send the required notification thus making the car “unlawfully taken.”
-         The predictable dance – the duet - between LAG and the police. Runarounds. “Call the other guy.”
-         The thunderous silence from people paid to protect citizens. Leighton. G Dessoye. Council. Dirty cop(s).

Typically this complaint would be sent to the Magistrate (Marty Kane) who would forward to the DA. However, I cannot afford this route as I know Marty Kane to be imbalanced and ethically bereft. I currently have a complaint filed with the Judicial Review board where I have given them a written transcript and tape of my hearing with Kane in April. He in effect  told me that I would have to pay (pay an attorney) if I wished to have my constitutional rights honored. I unabashedly make the following accusations (from personal experience and highly reliable sources) against Marty Kane:
-         Chemical abuse (alcohol and cocaine; widely known alcoholic)
-         Chronic philandering
-         Case fixing (to include partnering with former police chief / current Council president William Barrett)
-         Lawyers and “elder statesmen” of Wilkes-Barre have told me “hands down” that he is the most corrupt Magistrate

Citizens should not have to put up with Mayors, police chiefs, and Magistrates who couldn’t pass a urine screen/ hair sample test. These people couldn’t get a job at a “Best Buy” or a “Turkey Hill” Minute Mart. We deserve better than degenerates!

The plaintiff, a fully employed African American woman, notified me (Mark Robbins) in early June about her car being stolen in December. She also lost her personal belongings in the car. She agreed to let me use the information she gave me to write a criminal complaint on her behalf. She had no idea where to turn or to whom. This woman received a ticket in December for a lapsed registration. She was cited by Tino Ninotti. The ticket turned into a citation at which point it was paid ($107). The fact that she paid this ticket shows clear intent that she wanted her car back.

Many attempts were made to contact Mike Merritt, her city Councilman, and William Barrett, the WB Council President. They refused to respond. Their staunch opposition to helping this LAG victim clearly demarcates their position on LAG corruption and city corruption. They are clearly “team players” with Leighton, Dessoye, and even LAG.

§ 3921.  Theft by unlawful taking or disposition.
§ 3934.  Theft from a motor vehicle.
§ 3922.  Theft by deception.

This woman was intentionally deceived by Tino Ninotti and Leo Glodzik and the WBPD  in at least the following ways:

Ninotti failed to send her a required WBPD tow report detailing information about her
Car. This alone made her vehicle “unlawfully taken.”

 The Wilkes-Barre Police dept failed to help her locate her car when she inquired.

Leo Glodzik refused to give her information which gave her the false impression that perhaps he did not have her car.

The WBPD told her to call LAG. LAG told her to call police. This is obvious deception.

 The statements above tie into the crimes below.
§ 901.  Criminal attempt.
§ 902.  Criminal solicitation.
§ 903.  Criminal conspiracy. 
§ 911.  Corrupt organization

Leo Glodzik has already admitted to an undercover agent that he shares money with cops. There is more than probable cause to bring charges against LAG, Tino Ninotti (cop), and the WBPD. He split money with an undercover agent using his now infamous line: “Do you know what time it is? It is 11 O’Clock.” He then forked over $1,100 dollars.

This case typifies how “CARS FOR CASH” was run. And we have only scratched the surface
on this (imo) "RICO ACT" scam.

The Towing was very aggressive. This victim could have had her registration completed on line within minutes.                    

Information is purposely withheld from victim. This is the area where NINOTTI could be working in concert with Glodzik.

Victim is typically poor, vulnerable, and/or a minority. The victim here is black.

The runarounds add money to LAG’s pockets at $ 50 per day. By time car is located… victim loses car from predatory pricing.

      As the undercover agent (a few weeks back) proved with the bait car – Glodzik has become comfortable doing business with cops. Ninotti’s reputation is far less than sterling. Ninotti aided and abetted.

   Mark M Robbins
               BA   Economics Wake Forest Univ
               MBA   Lehigh Univ (Valedictorian)
               CMA   Certified Management Accountant
               CFM    Certified Financial Manager