Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Questions the newspapers should have asked

Comedy Relief   

See video with Leighton, Skrepenak, Kathy Kane, and JJ Murphy

Surveillance cameras video  HERE!


Attn: Diamond City Partnership (DCP)

ATTN: Larry Newman

1) You left the Chamber as "the vice president of planning, policy and development." 

- How can that be significantly different than what you do now?

2) What do you get paid? Elizabeth Graham as well?

3) Where does DCP get its money from?

4) A "public/private" partnership. Who represents the "private" side and do they earn profits?

5) Can we see your diplomas from Princeton and Harvard?

I ask because it is hard to fathon that a Princeton & Harvard grad would be stuck in the mud at the WB Diamond City Partnership (cleaning sidewalks and salting etc) going absolutely nowhere... 20 years out of Harvard no less! It simply does not add up.

You can scan your diplomas and send to Mark M Robbins on facebook. 

I hope you understand that watchdogs are vital to a city's integrity.   Thank You 

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