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We, the Wilkes-Barre Taxpayers' Association (WBTPA) have shared anecdotes among ourselves. One aspect about WBPD Chief Gerard Dessoye that we share in common is that we have never heard Dessoye make a statement or an appearance at night.

No matter whether it is an assault, rape, or murder - we can count on one thing - Gerard Dessoye will be missing. In fact, weeks can go by without a word from Dessoye.

Let's play pretend for a moment. Let's assume a student at Kings is assaulted and died at the scene after bleeding to death. Here is how a courtroom may sound (Attorney for family of the deceased questioning Father Ryan of KINGS College):

Attorney: On the night of the incident, was Gerard Dessoye called?
Father Ryan: Yes
Attorney: Did he answer?
Father Ryan: No
Attorney: Why not?
Father Ryan: I wasn't given a reason
Attorney: You were told through various channels that drinking is a problem for Dessoye, correct? In fact many would consider him to be alcoholic.
Father Ryan: Yes. 

Attorney: And you hired him anyway?
Father Ryan: That is correct.
Attorney: In a situation where a student is assaulted and bleeding... would you agree that seconds and minutes are precious?
Father Ryan: I would imagine so, yes.
Attorney: Should not the head of security - to the extent possible - be ready in such life threatening situations?
Father Ryan: I would hope so in a general way
Attorney: And can you see how time was lost in efforts to reach Dessoye who wasn't answering his phone?
Father Ryan: I suppose so.

Attorney: Were you aware of Dessoye's alleged history before hiring him? The protected drug house. The loaner car scam. The entire corruption scheme with LAG. The records he didn't keep. Two of his cops caught in the credit union scam. Gas gate etc...
Father Ryan: I am afraid so, yes
Attorney: You were on the faculty, weren't you, when the raid on "The Mines" nightclub took place?
Father Ryan: Yes I was. Father O'hara was president then.
Attorney: You also know that the police station itself was raided by federal agaents in the past two years?
Father Ryan: I read that.
Attorney: And you also know of the approximately 7 federal investigations going on with the city and/or police
Father Ryan: I don't know if the number is seven... but I know some investigations are going on. 

Attorney: How many candidates for the security position were there?
Father Ryan: Just Dessoye
Attorney: There was no posting of the job?
Father Ryan: No
Attorney: Given his history, can you tell the court why you hired him and why you overlooked red flags eveywhere?
Father Ryan: OK. I will confess. We hired him as a political favor to Leighton and Dessoye. We hired him for his role in "taking out" the "Mines" nightclub. We also have various property deals in the works and we owe the city some favors. We somehow got stuck in the vicious "quid pro quo" cycle. I should have never hired Dessoye. It's all been a terrible mistake.
Attorney: Is there a chance that the student who died may have lived had security been handled in a proactive and sober way?
Father Ryan: Yes. There exists that possibility.

We hope KINGS factors all pieces of information into their decision process because nearly all violence occurs at night. Not surprisingly, the city of WB has hired two spokespersons which seems odd give it is a city of only 40,000. Yet it makes perfect sense when one considers both Leighton and Dessoye need broad "coverage" at night corresponding to rising blood alcohol levels. 

KINGS needs to apply Godly wisdom - and quite frankly - just plain old common sense. The entire KINGS community is at risk when one factors in the likelihood of a lawsuit. 

If you are a KINGS stakeholder and are upset by what you have read in this post and the ones before it (scroll down)... I encourage you to call Father Ryan. TIME IS SHORT. Otherwise KINGS will reap what it sows.   KINGS PHONE  (570) 208-5900

(Last gasp attempt for sobriety: This would be so much easier if certain individual received treatment. Please get help. It is a much easier life than the ones you are living)



Dessoye's “red flags." On his watch the followong occurred:

… the horrific “Cars for Cash” (Lag Towing scandal) scandal
… Dessoye did not maintain LAG records despite it being required in the city contract
… Loaner vehicles or “bribe vehicles” were illegally being used by cops (from LAG). Dessoye did nothing.
… An old heroin-addicted girlfriend of Dessoye’s ran a drug house with immunity. I have the police reports filed.
… the two cops indicted in the Credit Union case were active cops under Dessoye
… It is widely known that Dessoye cannot and could not be counted on after a certain time of night allegedly due to drinking
… his police station was raided by the FBI (see below). What does this tell you?  
… the murder rate in 2013 put Wilkes-Barre on par with Newark or Camden

In addition, according to the WBTPA, there are seven ongoing federal investigations against the city and/or police. These all occurred on Dessoye’s watch.

7 Federal Investigations

(1)            Federal raid two years ago on WB police (LAG?)

(2)            Federal raid on Credit union (commenced)

(3)            Federal jurisdiction over Gas Gate

(4)            Federal Investigation into Parking Authority

(5)            Federal Raid on Sherman Hil

         (6)      Federal raid on LAG business in Duryea (August 2014)

(7)  Federal Grand Jury set up for City Vest
                        and ... Conviction of Leo Glodzik of LAG Towing in FBI Sting

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