Wednesday, August 27, 2014


NEW!!   AN INSIDE JOB?   From Times Leader...  "However the security job wasn't listed among employment positions on the school's web site."

Was the job secretly promised to Gerard Dessoye? I hope Kings alumni are looking into the "goings on" of your beloved school. This is mot looking good.

We (The WB Taxpayer association; WBTPA) stand by our story via the Independent Gazette. We know that an oral acceptance was made. Dessoye evaded the press for an entire day on Wednesday. A typical "Dessoye dodge."  WHY? Well that should tell you something. If there was no interest in this job he simply would have said, "I have no interest in the job." That's not hard.

HOWEVER... the agreement might not make it to "paper" because of the facts that the WB Taxpayers Association (WBTPA) made public (prior post below). Please read. Would you keep an offer avaialble after reading about Dessoye's history in WB? You would literally have to be nuts. Or perhaps a deal was made. This may be the case and, if so, would and should be alarming to all of Kings' stakeholders. 
Pres John Ryan of Kings College and Mayor Leighton
Quid pro quo?  More than a few people (in and outside of WBTPA) are questioning the dubious relationship between Kings and Thomas Leighton. Frankly, it smells.

-        -   Kings should not serve as a “feeder” to city hall. Other local schools have graduates who need jobs. First you gave us a snake (JJ Murphy). Then you gave us a liar (Drew McLaughlin). Now you are sending us a 23 year old “sacrificial lamb” for Leighton who will pick up where McLaughlin left off. Citizens have had it with these types of Kings graduates.
-        -    The (potential) hiring of Kings graduate Gerard Dessoye is too close for comfort as well. Perhaps he may not get the job… but there was certainly the intent to hire him. Nobody had stated he wasn’t a candidate.
-        -    The WBTPA association would like an audit of the buildings being taken over by Kings. Will taxes be paid on the properties?

The scent of “quid pro quo” hangs heavy in the air. Kings College's reputation is falling like a stone in water. We recommend you (Kings) distance yourself far from Leighton. You are judged by the company you keep. Your cozy relationship with the Mayor paints a broad brush stroke over the many quality people from Kings. We know many. If you really cared for certain individuals… you would do everything possible to get them treatment. That would truly be heroic and an answer to many prayers.

Also... in Citizens Voice (Bob Kalinowski):  Glodzik often denied involvement in ongoing W-B credit union scandal     See HERE

WBTPA comment:  Surprise, surprise... Glodzik claims he didn't do anything wrong. We suppose Jim Payne took his life over nothing. We know for a fact that Glodzik would withhold cars from people (price gouging) until these poor (literally poor) people would get scared about the money they thought they might owe. They worried about their credit. They worried Glodzik would take them to a corrupt magistrate. So Glodzik (playing the nice guy)...would make them an offer. Their title would be exchanged for one buck. GLODZIK CLEARLY WAS HUNGRY FOR TITLES. FBI please take notice.

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