Monday, August 17, 2015

From the pile of "No Duh" - It's a crime for law enforcement to cover up crime

Courthouse and WB rules

I will be posting what I feel is Salavantis's biggest lie tomorrow but as for today... let me point out a lie from four years ago:

If I run for Surgeon General and have little medical experience... I am deceiving the people. It is deceptive because the average voter doesn't have the wherewithal to study backgrounds of each candidate and most people don't think that they would be lied to in this way.

But this is what Salavantis did. She had no reason to run for DA and she clearly tricked the people. She tricked me as I voted for her. Two years after taking the bar? To be DA? This is nuts.

As many of you know I faced corruption face to face four years ago when my car was towed by Leo Glodzik of LAG Towing. I felt compelled to look more deeply into what I knew to be a huge criminal operation. My efforts paid off.

However, many law enforcement officials knew what was happening at LAG Towing and either benefitted from it or looked the other way. It is a crime for a law enforcement officicial to not report a crime. In my opinion both Brother Dessoyes, Leighton, Kane, and many others should be serving time along with Glodzik. GLODZIK COULD NOT HAVE ACTED ALONE.

Here is an example of two huges lies from a Gerard Dessoye affadavit that helped "Cars for Cash" steal cars from poor people. The Towing contract clearly required monthly inventories to be submitted to the WB police by LAG Towing. 
POINT 1 is a lie because he knew what was required
POINT 3 is perjury because he knowingly lied on the affadavit

I made Stefanie Salavantis aware of the entire LAG operation before she took office. Criminal complaints regarding stolen cars were stamped and sent back to me as "not prosecutable." But we all know if Mike Dessoye's car was stolen there would be 5 detectives on the case.

I have nothing personal against Stefanie Salavantis. I have tremendous issues with her job as DA. Salavantis is the head law enforcement official for the county. It is impossible for her not to know details of the near decade long "Cars for Cash" run and other scams. She is clearly covering for Leighton.

It is obvious that Salavantis is too inexperienced and too "star struck" to do her job properly. I knew Mike Dessoye was corrupt 5 years ago when I opened my eyes to local politics. Yet she immediately assigned him head detective. We now have 12 unsolved murders. It is also completely unaccaptable to have Magistrates, Mayors, and police chiefs completely awash in alcoholism as everyone "rubber necks" and watches and does nothing. Turkey Hill and Wal Mart have much higher standards regarding substance abuse.

If Salavantis were to do the honorable thing she would resign and admit she wasn't seasoned for the job. Intstead she is trying to "BS" her way into another term. There are many good Asst DA's and many good new Judges. But there is a pocket of corruption around Salavantis and the cronies I mentioned. It has reached an intolerable state. We really don't know "who" we elected DA because we don't know who is actually running things.
Vito Deluca has has been in and out of the courts for 20 years and is seasoned. He is the the straight shooter that we need for DA. I don't enjoy picking the many weaknesses of our DA but the alternative is she may get elected again. I want to be firmly out in front of the mendacious TV ads that helped her trick the people last election. "She works" is the apparent theme. Lots of people work.

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