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KING's does not want you to see this. But they know what you are about to read. Several activists made King's aware of the perils of taking on Gerard Dessoye (Head of Security, former WBPD Chief) as a "gift" to the city of Wilkes-Barre in exchange for Leightons' scams and/or secret deals. In fact activists have notified other employers who listened to our concerns and did NOT make the Dessoye hire.

Both Leighton and Gerard Dessoye are alcoholics (caveat: if either has miraculously made it to rehab and can prove sobriety please let me know and I will retract my concerns). "Father" James Ryan is a very, very dishonest man. Bad trees bear bad fruit and I do not think King's will profit from this man. If you lay down with pigs you will get dirty and your reputation will suffer. Holy water can never take the place of integrity.

Ryan and Leighton

Gerard Dessoye protected a drug house while he was chief and was an active addict himself. What were the purposes of his secret meetings with heroin addict Catherine Meehan?
- Heroin and/or narcotics?
- Sex?
- Was he funding the arrangement and was he profiting from the drug house?

These are fair questions when you read the phone logs of complaints to the police and the nature of some of the complaints (below). It is not reasonable to assume the drug house was not protected given the enormous volume of calls made to the police regarding 252 McLean Street.

The calls were made by Brenda Meehan (Catherine's sister) who was trying to protect her young daughter on the other half of the double (254 McLean). Brenda Meehan was financially locked to her living situation as are many people. The house is owned by three sisters which made it complicated.

PARENTS OF KING'S COLLEGE:  I suggest you question the hire of Gerard Dessoye. Do you think KING's actually hired the best man for the job? If Dessoye was using heroin with Catherine Meehan (who spent time in NY prison for stabbing a fetus)... why do you think this behavior has changed? Given that the alccoholic Gerard Dessoye was enabled and just handed a job why would he have reason to quit any addictive behavior? Corrupt cronies have always covered for him to include his brother Mike Dessoye in the courthouse who knew all of what you read below (or he is the worst detective in history).

Given that King's administration knew of Dessoye's deficiencies and hired him anyway... they have opened themselves up to a massive lawsuit if there is a serious incident at King's and Dessoye is impaired. Dealing with the devil brings consequences.  

It would seem to me that the minimum requirement is that the Head of Security is clean and sober. ... but that would make too much sense!!

Described below is just part of Dessoye's wide scale corruption. He was also a key part of "Cars for Cash"...  the massive auto theft scandal led by Leo Glodzik. He allowed cop John Majikes to ride an illegal car for more than a year which may have a tie in to the Credit union scandal and the suicide that occurred. 

Though my pereception and relations with some law enforcement agancies has improved... I stand  by what I wrote a few years ago.

Salvantis and Dessoye....

POLICE REPORTS (sampling) made against heroin addict and former NY state prison inmate Catherine Meehan (attempted murder for stabbing a pregnant woman in the belly). Her boyfriend at 252 McLean Street also a heroin addict.

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