Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bill Barrett - Please go

On this blog I post what happens and what is true.

If people don't like it - then change your behavior! Easy

Mike Merritt asked me to contact him regarding a LAG auto theft in December. I appreciate that Mr. Merritt. I know too that Mr. Merritt dutifully attends crime watch meetings.

              Kobby talking to a smug and disinterested Barrett

Bill Barrett, the President of City Council... is another story. I e-mailed him 5 times regarding this stolen vehicle. He never responded. He would not even tell me why he didn't respond.

I rarely "toot my own horn"... but here I find it to be appropriate. Conservatively, I have spent $15,000 of my own money helping WB corruption victims back on their feet. And this guy can't return 5 e mails regarding a crime victim?

The thought of this very arrogant man to not even recognize me or a crime victim... is enough to make my blood boil. 

Barrett sucks from the public tits of several agencies... and all he has to show for it is a sports car more suitable for my son, a teenager, than a 70 year old man. He looks like an idiot. The first time I saw the car I thought... "real nice public servant." Maybe you can still get in on the LAG loaner (Mercedes) Cop Collins was driving.  

Of course Barrett may be upset because I pointed out his married  buddy Marty Kane can't keep his tongue in his mouth in public. That is... with someone other than his wife. Perhaps, Mr. Barrett, you can choose friends who aren't degenerates. Ever occur to you?

He is a hack. A phony. A sycophant. His only success is that he has gamed the system for himself... and not others. Please go away.

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