Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dessoye - It's time... for real!

WBRE's Andy Mehalshik asked his friends on facebook to tune into the Discovery Channel Saturday evening for a show called Wicked Attraction. It told the story of the Zelenski family who had one of their sons murdered by a local drug dealer who had ties to Patterson, NJ. The show was scintillating.

But I couldn't help but draw parallels to current day Wilkes-Barre.
"All American mom:" The mom in the show who became addicted to heroin and who became involved with her dealer was the last one you'd suspect to be on drugs.

"All American cop:" Chief Dessoye is described as being a great cop at one time. Then a nose dive. The nose dive refers to any combination of booze, prescription narcotics, or heroin he now takes. His involvement with Catherine Meehan and the protection he gave her raises 
red flags everywhere. And guess what? She is still around town to "take orders." She is so dope sick she is barely recognizable.

The "Mines":  Dessoye has no legitimate alibi for not shutting down Catherine Meehan's drug house when one considers he shut down a legitimate nightclub, The "Mines," using force you normally see with a military attack. See the July 14 post. He could have closed the drug house - but chose to protect it. And he chose to meet with Catherine Meehan privately.
 Red flags everywhere. 

Wouldn't the safest, most prudent, most reasonable, and healthiest action be for Dessoye to take a drug screen (hair sample because it captures history)? Morale within the WBPD force is terrible from what I hear. All most police officers want is a leader they can trust who will promote based on merit and not the corruption they carry.

See this link for more details on Dessoye/Meehan:    http://www.wbtruth.blogspot.com/2013/06/first-in-multi-part-series-questions_25.html

Word has it he locks himself in his office at the WBPD then goes home and drinks. These behaviors are not of a leader. Sadly, they are the behaviors of a low bottom drunk. I am sorry. But it needs to be said.

Years back somebody questioned my sobriety and I took a a drug screen within 2 hours! I wasn't about to let others soil the work I put into my sobriety. Two years ago I took a polygraph test so cops Harden, Cope, and Jones couldn't accuse me of lying. I was never questioned.

Dessoye can easily clear his name if clean. But he won't. He showed up at a council meeting recently (1st in 2 years) and he looked horrible. Completely disengaged. I felt pity for him and didn't address him.

A drug evaluation is actually the best solution. Be interviewed. It is a win/.win: He is either clean and sober or he is not. If not, he can get help. Dessoye must realize that he put the
 red flags up and no one else. He is not special just because he was "appointed chief" by his cousin Leighton.

Working against Dessoye getting help is Leighton. Envision a bucket of crabsWhat happens when one tries to crawl out? The other crabs pull the "escapee" back in. So it is with addiction.

Over the past few weeks the following has circulated:
1)  Magistrate Marty Kane, in his 60's,  was seen "making out" at a bar that was anything but private.
2)  Tom Leighton was too drunk to drive in from Harvey's Lake. So he stayed where he was (or was forced to). Does this sound like social drinking to you? A man in his 50's "crashing on the couch?"
3)  On the Sue Henry show a gentleman said Leighton (married) was seen at the Gentleman's Club? What kind of wisdom is being shown here. None.

Sick people want to keep others sick. That's the problem. I hope this post is seen by whomever can break this drunken stalemate. Perhaps Dessoye's own family?

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