Thursday, July 25, 2013

Can a Mayor hide $1 Million?

If your last name is Leighton you can.

The $1 Million that was funneled through a charity was in itself bizarre. Who would take money from a charity that feeds hungry children and redirect it so Wilkes-Barre can buy new fire trucks? This deal smelled from the start.

But nevertheless, the donor said (2nd paragraph of letter), “We realize you (Wilkes-Barre) will want to publicize the arrival of the fire trucks and the fact that a generous local donor provided the money. Please feel free to do so. However, please keep the donor identity confidential."

AN HONEST MAYOR would do what the letter suggested and publicize the fact that a donor gave the money.

AN DISHONEST MAYOR wouldn’t tell anyone about the donor and try and take the credit himself. This would obviously make him look fiscally prudent as he had a secret million dollars to play with.  


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