Friday, July 5, 2013

Cupcake and Gimpy

I would like to address bigotry towards a minority that some people still feel it is acceptable to slander. I am talking about the gay community (LGBT). It appears that Leo Glodzik is frozen in time… perhaps in the 6th grade in the 1970’s.

-         Glodzik has told me in newspaper posts that “I enjoy the company of men.”

-         He has a nickname on line (for Newspaper postings) that is very close in spelling to “Cupcake in the ass”

-         Given his postings, he would be the leading candidate to be the sender of the letter I received this week with a news clipping inside. See below.

Given his past of violence against both West Side police and women on both sides of the river – I forwarded the letter to the state police. It is Glodzik’s tendency to escalate that concerns me. A letter in my mailbox can turn into a brick through the window. I also left messages at his place of business and with his attorney (Sklarosky).  

I in fact am not gay. And I don’t make a point of it to try and decide who is gay and who is not.

But I did find it concerning when a gay slur used against one of the city’s more outspoken critics. As you recall, Leighton used the word “cupcake” to describe an activist. He didn’t just use it… he baited this person with it. Kathleen Kane then followed using the same remark. Leighton has also claimed (publicly) to know this person’s secrets. What is that about? And how utterly unbecoming of a Mayor to say this!

My research shows that “cupcaking” is used to describe “mooshy” stuff between gays. Of course, if it wasn’t a slur, then why the heck would Leighton utter the word in a meeting? Part of city business?

For some reason the use of the slur “cupcake” became funny – even entertaining. I wonder why it is when Jeremy Packard used the word “gimpy” once – not in public – that people are up in arms. Selective outrage I guess. One of the editors even wrote a piece on this.

I have always pulled for the underdog - whether it is someone being scammed by LAG or through a pyramid scheme, or somebody down on their luck that needs a helping hand. I have always carried a heavy heart when it comes to gays (LBGT).

I especially have been interested in the way the church has viewed gays. Certainly the welcome mat has not been laid out for them. So I researched the topic. Much has happened in the last few weeks alone.

Many Christians believe that one’s sexuality is a CHOICE. This is interesting. Consider:

-         These same people cannot remember a time when they “chose” to be heterosexual.

-         One African American pastor claims that boys have been “sissy-fied” by a lack of a father in the home. But this makes no sense because more than half of African American homes have no father present. This would suggest that many more black males would be gay. The data in no way supports this.

-         Many children at ages 3 or 4 begin showing transgender behavior. Is anybody going to argue that this is their choice?

-         Transsexuals are those whose gender identity is opposite their sex. For example, a biological male would have a female mind. Efforts to “convert” them have proved completely unsuccessful. So should we just hate them?

-         Many people cite their own conclusions about homosexuality without ever talking to a gay person. I have never

had a gay person that I spoke with tell me that they chose their sexuality.

-         You cannot “catch” gayness from another. It is not the flu.

Why can’t we just accept the fact that nature – designed by God – often gives unexpected results.  I don’t use the word “unnatural” because nature encompasses it all.

We expect rain as part of nature… but  unexpectedly floods occur.

We expect wind as part of nature… but  unexpectedly hurricanes and tornados occur.

We expect our babies to be healthy as nature takes its course… but unexpectedly some have Down’s Syndrome.

We expect our babies to be healthy as nature takes its course… but unexpectedly some have autism.

We expect our babies to be healthy as nature takes its course… but unexpectedly some are hardwired to be gay.

… to be continued

1)     Tomorrow I will write on “Exodus International” which has been involved in “reparative therapy” for gays. Their success rate is so horrible that they can’t claim a single success. Alan Chambers (founder/director) publically apologized a few weeks ago to all he said he had “hurt and confused.” It takes a brave man to admit to an 18 year mistake.

2)     I will also comment on the four places in the Bible that homosexuality is referenced. I will write on how homosexuality is overly focused on to the exclusion of equally serious sins that we all partake in every day.

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