Friday, July 5, 2013

Threat to blow my brains out

Dear readers

I ask for your help. Somebody knows who is sending me this trash. Please tell me who it is. Or call the State police at 697-2000 or call the FBI at 344-2404. I will be sending them the latest mailing.

Please look at the most recent mailing  (Letter # 2):

Letter # 2     No return address   sent to “Marky Robbins”   Postmarked July 3     Received July 5



It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a man with a rifle with brains in front of him is a veiled threat to “BLOW MY BRAINS OUT.”

-          Bottom right corner somebody typed: “So this is what my brain looks like…. I better shoot it,  its gone mad”

-          Bottom left corner it says:  “sauce” (may say “source”) by Eric Toffey the 570.com

-          570.com is a real web site

-          The frame dividers are different widths

-          I included what was on the back (beer distributors)


-          FYI… anonymous coward… you will have to kill me because I aint stopping.

Remember - my goal, and the goal of all activists is to save Wilkes-Barre from corruption. This includes restoring the WBPD to a fellowship where officers are promoted based on legitimate merits – not on how close one was LAG. Promotions have been based on protecting Dessoye and Leighton and not by any legitimate means. This must end.

Letter # 1 below     No return address   sent to “Marky Robbins”   Postmarked July 1     Received July 3

Contained info about a gay dating site. I am not gay.


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