Monday, July 8, 2013

Whate ever happened to...



Unresolved issues…


Why weren’t WPPD officers Collins, Crawford, and Majikes cited for accepting a bribes?

And who are the other cops who accepted cars (according to Glodzik’s quote in the paper)?


Since the cops’ activities and “judgments” stand as LAG’s sole source of income, “favor” to LAG is implied in the deal.

-         Aggressive towing

-         Looking the other way in regards tom LAG’s criminal enterprise.


If they were “legitimate gifts” – why didn’t the cops stand by that story and keep the vehicles? Right? … if they did nothing wrong? Instead, Collins and Crawford couldn’t return the cars fast enough.


Majikes “supposedly” bought his truck. We don’t know how much he paid if anything.

Of course – technically – it would still be a bribe if he paid well under blue book value. But nobody is ever held accountable.


Majikes’s “punishment” from the chief? A plumb assignment. You see, the fastest way to advance in Leighton-land and Dessoye-ville is to enter their dark world of corruption. They feel safe this way.


The road for the honest cop is long, winding, and arduous.

Part of why I do this along with others is to elevate the honest ones.

It gets frustrating with a DA office that moves at a glacial pace.


Besides champagne there have been other gifts as well.

Dana Cope (and/or family) took a free tow. Would that be considered a gift/bribe?

Well consider what the “unconnected” pay. I paid $ 200 for my tow. $200 is a gift in my book.


Say what you want about Kobby – but he has had the integrity to charge both a law enforcement officer and reporter Terrie Morgan-Besecker what he does everyone else (Kobby didn’t know who he was towing at the time). Everyone gets treated the same – the way it should be. Leighton doesn’t understand these kinds of people. He calls them “cupcakes.”


Why wasn’t John Majikes cited for bad tags?

Officer Brian Gist was staring at these illegal tags… and the entire force has known about this gift/bribe from Glodzik for years… but no one has the guts to do the right thing.


What happens to all the cars on LAG’s lot. If they were “police impounded” – shouldn’t they be returned?


What happened to Leighton’s super-secret internal investigation that was to be made public when closed.


What have councilman President Bill Barrett and Councilman Mike Merritt ignored my e mails regarding a stolen car?

Where is this stolen car of Robin L Smith Proctor?


Why was I told by the DA that “allegations do not meet elements of offense against defendant; fails to meet burden of proof” last year regarding Senta Boyer’s car.


Mr Sanguedolce, here is a picture of the stolen car


1)     I offered to pay ALL fees to get car for Senta Boyer

2)     Glodzik refused to accept payment AND he wouldn’t show the car.

3)     I bought a “new” used car for Sentra Boyer

4)     Then… Glodzik shows odd the stolen car for everyone to see.



Where is the per diem contract for cops?

And where are the receipts for the 10% payments that Drew Mc-Laugh-lin claimed the cops made?

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