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Kobby & Leighton

THUGGERY comes with a price… and taxpayers pick up the tab.

The following are confirmations of the reckless thug tactics used by Leighton to get his way. Recall...
1)     Leighton (and the city) is highly likely going lose millions for Leighton’s “shock and awe” assault on a law abiding night club. See July 15 post for details.
2)     He sued a female resident for using her 1st Amendment Rights to protest the closing of a fire station.
3)     He illegally stripped “Kobby” of his contract because of “impoliteness”… and gave it over to a car thief, a price gouger, a briber, a perjuror, and a tax cheat ($500,000).

The bottom line is Leighton has influence only because he can fire city workers.
He inspires no one and has no true respect from anybody. He is the classic bully.

STORY: After losing deal, Kadluboski tries to lose cops. Leighton: Citizens griped of poor service.

By LANE FILLER lfiller@leader.net

Times Leader  (Front page)
Saturday, November 06, 2004     Page: 1A

(Start of article from 2004) WILKES-BARRE - Bob Kadluboski led police officers on a merry chase through City Hall on Friday, down one staircase and up another, down again and to the elevator. But he couldn't outrun an arbitrator's decision. His business, City Wide Towing, lost its longtime exclusive contract with the city, Mayor Tom Leighton announced at a press conference Friday afternoon. (My comment: To give contract to LAG)

"I am here to announce today that the mutually agreed upon arbiter has issued a decision in support of the city's request to terminate the towing contract with City Wide Towing.'' After Leighton had finished reading from prepared remarks, he opened the floor to questions. Kadluboski, wearing dark sunglasses and a baseball cap emblazoned with ``FBI,'' and carrying a camera, started with a question.

Leighton amended his own call for questions, saying ``Are there any questions from the press?''
(My comment: Thug tactics of Leighton trying to silence Kobby)

Kadluboski continued to try to press Leighton about the towing contract, asking, ``Where's my copy of the complaint?'' following Leighton into his office.
 (My comment: Good question… doesn’t Kobby deserve a copy?)

    When asked to leave, Kadluboski headed down one set of stairs, then up another, followed by police. He ducked over to the elevator, but when the police again followed him, he left. Later, Kadluboski said he had no comment. His attorney, Barry Dyller, did not return phone calls. Thursday night, police Capt. Tom Unvarsky escorted Kadluboski from city council chambers after he got into a shouting match with council Chairwoman Kathy Kane. (My comment: You get thrown out for a lot less… just voice your dissent!)

On Friday, Leighton declared there was no connection between that incident and the cancellation of City Wide's contract. Kadluboski has held the exclusive contract with the city since 1996, and was granted a five-year extension by former Mayor Tom McGroarty in 2002. At the time, two other towing companies offered to pay between $50,000 and $65,000 for the contract. Kadluboski has never paid the city a fee for his contract.

(My comment: The way it should be… far too many conflicts with a lump sum payment… just look at LAG)

On July 29, the city sent Kadluboski a letter stating numerous customers had complained that he was not courteous and would not supply itemized bills for his services. He was given 45 days to improve the situation, but Leighton said in October that complaints had continued to pour into his office. The city then sent a letter to Kadluboski, saying the situation had been put in the hands of an arbitrator, city purchasing director Ronald Trimble. (My comment: You are kidding me, right? Leighton is the boss of the arbitrator!! Gee… I wonder how that is going to go!)

Friday, Leighton and Kadluboski were served with Trimble's decision. Asked if the decision had anything to do with Kadluboski's outburst Thursday, Trimble replied: ``There's no relation at all; my decision has nothing to do with what went on last night.''

     Kobby wasn't even present at the meeting!! Asked when he made his decision, Trimble answered: ``I'm not going to speculate on when I made the decision; the decision was made and it doesn't matter how or when I made the decision. I am the arbitrator for the City of Wilkes-Barre and City Wide and that's the decision I reached.''
(My comment: What??? It doesn’t matter how or when he made the decision? Gee… that is a professional and fair way for an arbritrator to act)

RESULT:  Kobby won $250,000 in a lawsuit

UPCOMING RESULT: Thom Greco is likely to win $ Millions in his lawsuit (see my July 15 post).

Thuggery comes with a price… and taxpayers pick up the tab
-        Defense Attorneys
-        Insurance rates that will go through the roof
-        Damages not picked up by Insurance
-        The loss of public trust from corrupt leaders.

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